pro-rb is a work-in-progress initiative started by Peter Solnica. The goal is to establish a business model that will enable sponsored Open Source work where everybody wins. pro-rb will offer professional Open Source extensions for various Ruby gems (starting with dry-rb and rom-rb), as well as customer support as part of a monthly or yearly subscription.

For now, pro-rb offers consulting services, while the primary offer is being prepared. If you'd like to stay up to date, please consider subscribing to the newsletter and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out via contact form!

Open Source

Open Source projects are at the core of pro-rb. We’re building, maintaining and evolving next-generation Ruby libraries and tools in order to diversify and improve the Ruby ecosystem. The most recognizable projects include:

  • Hanami - the most advanced Ruby application framework, currently getting close to its 2.0 release. This is a culimination of many years of hard work on various Ruby libraries that are bundled together as a full-stack framework. Hanami offers a modern approach to application development, combining the best aspects of Object Orientation and Functional Programming. It’s data-driven approach leads to better architecture and code that’s easier to maintain and extend. With Hanami, we’re addressing the toughest questions: how to deal with growing complexity? How to organize your code when the application is growing rapidly? How to split a monolith into smaller applications?
  • dry-rb - a collection of Ruby libraries that provide easy to reuse functionality using well encapsulated abstractions. Some of the dry-rb libraries have become foundational pieces of the Hanami framework.
  • rom-rb - the most advanced data mapping and persistence toolkit in Ruby which provides a data-oriented way of working with any type of a data store through adapters. The most common one is of course an SQL adapter. rom-rb will be the default data model abstraction in Hanami 2.0.

The are a couple of newer initiatives that you’ll hear more about soon:

  • sql-rb - a modern way of working with SQL in Ruby
  • action-hero - a toolchain for managing and maintaining big, multi-repo projects

By becoming a pro-rb customer, you can support all these projects.